About Aftab Qureshi

My name is Aftab Qureshi. I am a licensed real estate sales professional. I work by referral. Working by referral allows me to devote more time to my clients and serve them even after the purchase or sale transaction has closed. I work with my clients as their realtor fir life. Every month I provide my clients with valuable information and updates about their property and further investments.

I am a bit like you, happy to be a home owner and looking to, carefully, invest in more real estate. I bought a home for my family to live in. I bought a home also because I know careful investment in real property is good investment and can bring very good returns

Professionally, I have an MBA from the UK and over 22 years experience in consultative sales, marketing, advertising and negotiating. I have been a consultant and advisor to a number of Fortune 500 organizations. As an entrepreneur I have started and led successful businesses.

Recently, a Toronto family in dire straits, contacted me. The husband's business had taken a nose dive since the last couple of years and they had ended up using up their home equity line of credit to the maximum while hoping the business would pick up soon. They were about to loose their only wealth, their home. The home looked old and dated. It badly needed repair and an update. But the family did not have any money for even a minor renovation.

I devised and executed a marketing strategy that sold their home for $866,000, a whole 123,000 above the asking price, and without a single improvement. I helped them to pay off all their debts and still have a handsome amount left for the move. My clients were obviously very happy. But the buyers were also happy as it was exactly the type of home they wanted and in the neighborhood they wanted.

I kept working with my seller clients. I helped them buy a relatively smaller, but still spaceous townhome that was within their budget, and in an area they loved to live in. 

This is what I do. Negotiate the best deal. I do this by understanding what you are looking for and what is important to you. Then I devise and execute a strategy that helps you get that. My job is not to make you sell or buy a home. My job is to inform you and educate you about real estate. I then let you make a decision that's best for you. My endeavour is to become your trusted realtor and friend for life. 

Contact me when you're thinking of real estate. Let's discuss what you're looking for. I will be happy to provide you  with all the relavant and timely information you need to make your next move.


"We were in need of a real estate agent since a personal situation forced us to sell our property at 56 Camwood Crescent. We were scared and vulnerable that someone will take advantage of us. Being first time house sellers we were afraid of not finding the right real estate agent. We needed someone who was caring yet professional.

Before our path crossed with Aftab’s, we placed many calls to many real estate agents, hoping one would get back to us. After a few days, we received a few calls from some agents. But they just wanted to sell it quick without hearing us out. After a frustrating week we decided to try going online to narrow our search a little more.  We found interest in 3 particular agents. That's when we decided to involve our daughters directly in the decision making process. We decided to show them each the picture of the 3 real estate agents and ask who they felt looked the most honest and kind. They all agreed that Aftab had a very sincere and honest look to him. We decided to call him to arrange a meeting and almost right away he answered and met with us. Immediately we knew he was the real estate agent for us. He had all of the qualities we looked for; caring, compassionate, professional, he knew exactly what he was doing in the market, he's diligent, responsive and yet very patient with his clients.

He even went the extra mile to include our daughters in the process. He was a pleasure to work with. We got to know him on a friend level so it didn't just feel like he was just working with us. We also got the pleasure to meet his lovely wife who was also just as kind and compassionate with us. He isn't just interested in selling the house, he's interested in building our trust and making us feel comfortable. We are happy to say that we were able to sell our house very fast and at a much higher price than what we originally asked for. We would recommend him to anyone who is interested in getting a highly qualified agent.  

We can't thank Aftab enough for his sincerity, professionalism, expertise, and hard work in helping us sell our home."

Laura and Juan Romo 
Toronto, ON



When I referred Joan to you, I wasn't sure exactly what type of accommodation you would be able to secure for her as she was specific about location, type of condo or rental availability and price.

I was surprised to see you dedicate so much of your time to ensuring the proper accommodation could be found meeting all of her criteria.  As Joan's health has been an issue, in addition to her spouse's health, your patience has been outstanding and your genuine concern for her well-being was paramount at all times.

I would recommend you to my friends and family. Absolutely, without hesitation.  I have worked for over 42 years with numerous real estate agents and you have been simply outstanding in every capacity.  It is my intention to refer you to anyone seeking to purchase or sell a property or to anyone wishing to rent.

You have my utmost respect, Aftab!!

Susan "

Susam Colley 
Toronto, ON



" Hi Aftab,

I really didn't think I would need a realtor as I was planning on living with my son after moving to Markham.  In deciding I wanted to move back to Scarborough, you immediately accepted the challenge of finding me a rental accommodation in Scarborough.  You were referred to me on behalf by Susan.  You have been an amazing referral from Susan.

What surprised me was the amount of time you have given me and also your  professionalism and kindness.  You are so respectful and sincere and arranged for properties that were almost exactly what I needed and appointments that always worked into my schedule.

Without a doubt, I would recommend you to all of my friends and only wish I had met you prior to selling my last home.   "

Joan Donaghy 
Markham, ON



Hi Aftab,

" I spoke to a couple of other realtors before speaking to you and did not feel that I can have a working relationship with them and had a lot of concerns. Specially if the realtor would be able to understand my needs and understand the local market.


When I got in touch with you, the thing that most pleased me was that you were very friendly and easy to work with, always being proactive and providing me with all the information that I would need to understand the process and make a decision.  The details you provided and the planning discussions we had eased my concerns and gave me the confidence to proceed with my property transaction.


 Given the friendly working relationship and your willingness to take those additional steps to make sure we are not missing on any of the details, and the help and tips I received from you, I will definitely recommend you to my family and friends."

Arif Basha

Markham ON

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Aftab Qureshi, MBA

Licensed Realtor®

Royal LePage Signature Realty

8 Sampson Mews, Unit 201
Toronto  Ontario M3C 0H5

416-301-4344 aftab@aftabqureshi.com

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